Pixi Pop now available

Pixi Pop now available

It's partytime! Pixi Pop made it to the Play Store! After a intense period of development, Spicy Yoghurt's first official game is available worldwide and ready for you to play.

Finally, the game is out. It took quite some months of hard work, and a lot of discipline. Instead of watching Netflix on the couch, work needed to be done to fulfill the dream of heaving a self-made game in the Play Store. But in the end, it was worth it!

As the first official game release of Spicy Yoghurt, Pixi Pop can be seen as an exiting experiment. It is unknown what will happen after the launch and what the future of this game may hold. It's just like the moon landing, only Pixi Pop did really happen. The user feedback and number of players will determine the future of this game. So please keep playing, rating and sharing if you want to see more of Pixi Pop!

The game is available in the Google Play Store and might come available in other stores too in the future. Check out Pixi Pop in the Play Store now, or get psyched by reading more about it on the offical Pixi Pop page.

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