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Spicy Yoghurt is a multimedia studio who develops casual games and other creative content. You can also find great tutorials on game development here, ranging from game programming to vector graphics. Visit Spicy Yoghurt whenever you want to learn something new or need some inspiration.
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Currently, Spicy Yoghurt is fueled solely by spare time and coffee, so every bit of support is appreciated. Please help to keep this studio going by playing and sharing!

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Casual games

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Recent projects

Pixi Pop

Play this action game on Android

In Pixi Pop you have to pop your way through a magical forest and save the day. Freeze time to shoot in super slomo or blast your enemies off the screen in one devastating blow, you can decide how to play. Defeat challenging bosses and unlock new skills to become the most powerful Pixi of them all!
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Animation Tool

Try out easing functions for animations

Easing functions are a great way to spicy up your animations. Create some non-linear motions to make animations look more interesting.

Drawing tutorials

Vector drawing tutorials for Inkscape

Do you want to know how to draw vector graphics? In this new tutorial section we will show you how. Using the free vector drawing software Inkscape, you will be taught the first steps in drawing vector graphics. The first tutorial will focus on drawing potion bottles. More tutorials will follow in the future!

Create your own HTML5 game

A tutorial series for beginners

Learn how to make your own game in HTML5 and JavaScript. The tutorials will cover all steps of creating a game. By the end of this series you'll be able to create a basic game of your own.
New website launched

Spicy Yoghurt | 22 November 2018

New website launched

The Spicy Yoghurt website has undergone some serious changes lately. A complete new website design has been launched. All the pages had a make over, and some new sections have been added. Check it out! ....Read more

Pixi Pop now available

Spicy Yoghurt | 4 February 2018

Pixi Pop now available

It's partytime! Pixi Pop made it to the Play Store! After a intense period of development, Spicy Yoghurt's first official game is available worldwide and ready for you to play. ....Read more

New multimedia studio Spicy Yoghurt

Spicy Yoghurt | 8 December 2017

A new player in town

There is something fresh and exciting waiting for you. And it's ready to make casual games and game development tutorials. To cut it all short: Spicy Yoghurt is here! It's the beginning of a new multimedia studio. ....Read more

HTML5 game development tutorials

Spicy Yoghurt | 16 May 2019

Images and sprite animations

Draw your own images on the canvas and learn how to stretch and scale them. Use clipping on sprites to create sprite animations. By the end of this tutorial you can draw your own images and animations on the canvas. ....Read more

JavaScript tutorials

Spicy Yoghurt | 22 April 2019

Store data with HTML5 local storage

Use the HTML5 local storage to store and read data in the browser. Learn how to store entire objects and how to manipulate data in the storage object. Follow this tutorial to learn all about storing client-side data with JavaScript. ....Read more

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