New website launched

New website launched

The Spicy Yoghurt website has undergone some serious changes lately. A complete new website design has been launched. All the pages had a make over, and some new sections have been added. Check it out!

The regular visitors might have already noticed it, but a big website update has just been launched. All the pages have a new design to support new types of content and offer a more structured way of browsing. Besides that, some new sections have been added. For instance, news articles are no longer just displayed between other content, but have their own page and sub-pages now.

In the upcoming days, more design changes will follow. Tutorials will get their own main-page too, with smaller thumbnails on the front-page. All these changes will make the website future proof and ready for more content.

Just click around to see the all new shiny design. Like the new looks? Or did you spot a stray pixel? Let us know by posting in the comment section below or send us an email.

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