New multimedia studio Spicy Yoghurt

A new player in town

There is something fresh and exciting waiting for you. And it's ready to make casual games and game development tutorials. To cut it all short: Spicy Yoghurt is here! It's the beginning of a new multimedia studio.

Hello world! A famous set of two words that usually marks the beginning of a brand-new project. In this case it does too. Because it's the beginning of a new multimedia studio: Spicy Yoghurt. It all started as an initiative to facilitate an outlet for leftover creativity and the urge to build stuff. Not just any stuff, but great looking interactive stuff. Stuff that makes you feel like 'Wow I really like this stuff'. Stuff to blow you away.

The aim of this multimedia studio is to create games and other creative content, and help others in doing so. You can expect mobile games, small prototypes and tutorials on creating games. The first official project will be an action game for Android, called Pixi Pop. It is in development for quite some time now and it will be released soon. So, keep an eye out for updates.

After that, a couple of game development tutorials will come available. They are aimed on both drawing and programming to teach you about every aspect of creating a game. The drawing tutorials will mainly focus on creating vector graphics, while the programming ones aim to explain game related problems like collision detection, game loops and animating objects.

Be sure to check back every now and then, to check out new content. You can visit Spicy Yoghurt whenever you need some creativity. Your feedback is also appreciated. So don't hold back to make a comment.

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