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Spicy Yoghurt is a multimedia studio who develops casual games and other creative content. You can also find great tutorials on game development here, ranging from game programming to vector graphics.

Currently, Spicy Yoghurt is fueled solely by spare time and coffee, so every bit of support is appreciated. Please help to keep this studio going by playing and sharing!

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Recent projects

Free pen brushes for Affinity Designer

Available for download

Create your own pen art on a digital canvas, by using these high resolution pen brushes.

Pixi Pop

Casual game, ready to play

Pop your way through a magical forest and save the day, in this casual action game. Defeat challenging bosses and unlock new skills to become the most powerful Pixi of them all!

Animation Tool

Easing functions made easy

Eased motions are a great way to spicy up your animations. Use this tool to visualise easing functions and make your animations come to life.

Vector drawing tutorials

Drawing vectors with Inkscape

Learn how to draw your own vector graphics. Get familiar with the free drawing software Inkscape and create your own masterpieces.

Create your own HTML5 game

Get started with this tutorial series

Learn how to create your own game in HTML5 and JavaScript. Follow this tutorial series and get to know about all the core principles of creating a game.

Create life on the canvas

With Conway's Game of Life

Follow this tutorial to create the famous Game of Life on the canvas and see how each of your generations evolve.

Try new tutorials

Create Conway's Game of Life on the HTML5 canvas

JavaScript | 25 January 2024

Create Conway's Game of Life in JavaScript

Learn how to create Conway's Game of Life on the HTML5 canvas with JavaScript. Implement the game rules and check which cells will live or die each generation, to create your own simulation of life!

Action and reaction in physics

HTML5 game | 20 March 2021

Collision detection and physics

Perform collision detection and react with physics, using JavaScript. Check for overlap between shapes, apply hitboxes and calculate new velocities. Make it more natural with object mass, gravity and restitution. By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a basic physics simulation running in your game.

Store data

JavaScript | 21 May 2020

Store data with HTML5 local storage

Use the HTML5 local storage to store and read data in the browser. Learn how to store entire objects and how to manipulate data in the storage object. Follow this tutorial to learn all about storing client-side data with JavaScript.

Frame by frame animation

HTML5 game | 5 May 2020

Draw images and sprite animations

Draw your own images on the canvas and learn how to stretch, scale and rotate them. Use clipping on sprites to create sprite animations. By the end of this tutorial you can draw your own images and animations on the canvas and use them in a game.

Prepare a blank canvas

HTML5 game | 27 September 2019

Set-up an HTML5 canvas

Set-up an HTML5 file with a canvas. Learn how to scale the canvas and perform drawing operations. By the end of this tutorial you can draw your first graphics to the screen.

Draw on a canvas

HTML5 game | 27 September 2019

Draw shapes, paths and text

Draw graphics on the HTML5 canvas using shapes and paths. Create rectangles, circles, lines, triangles and more complex shapes using SVG paths. By the end of this tutorial you can draw your own graphics and text on the canvas.

News and updates

Free Affinity Designer pen brushes

Spicy Yoghurt | 19 June 2021

Free download - New pen brushes for Affinity Designer

Spicy Yoghurt released its first brush pack for Affinity Designer. And the good news is, it's available as free download. With these pen brushes you can draw like you would with a pen, on a digital canvas. You can try them now!

Vector art with Affinity Designer

Spicy Yoghurt | 6 June 2020

Hello Affinity Designer, goodbye Inkscape?

Not too long ago Spicy Yoghurt wrote about the good and the bad of the Inkscape v1.0 beta version. The open source vector drawing software is now out of beta and officially released to the public. It made decent progress, but was it enough to stay our favorite drawing software?

Pixi Pop v1.2 update

Spicy Yoghurt | 7 May 2020

Pixi Pop 1.2 Update - Good news for new players

Pixi Pop version 1.2 is out! This new update brings interface changes to make the game more fun and easier to use. Check out this article to find out what's new.

Trying the new Inkscape v1.0 beta

Spicy Yoghurt | 19 March 2020

A quick review of Inkscape v1.0 beta

Just a few months ago, the people from Inkscape released the new v1.0 beta of their popular vector drawing software. It's time for Spicy Yoghurt to put it to the test and do a quick review. We went to the drawing board and created some vector art using the new software.

Spicy Yoghurt news update

Spicy Yoghurt | 17 March 2020

Spicy Yoghurt news update

It has been more than a year since the last news article came out, so it's about time to post something new. A lot of work has been done on the tutorials and even Pixi Pop got an update, but somehow the news section didn't get a lot of attention. It's time to change that and give you guys an update!

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