All about game development

Our origin story

It all started in 2017 with a plan to build a mobile game. Actually, it wasn't really a plan, it was more of an urge to get creative. When development started, it soon became apparent that the game was going to need some kind of brand. Spicy Yoghurt was founded to become that banner to fight under. Soon thereafter, the game was finished and released as Pixi Pop.

What we stand for

Spicy Yoghurt stands for fresh and exiting multimedia content. Original content that isn't following any guidelines or restrictions but is merely driven by creativity.

We're on a mission

We like to build on starting thoughts and ideas and see where they can take us. But doing game related experiments isn't Spicy Yoghurts only goal. We want to help others in creating games and multimedia content. That's why we're writing game development tutorials and creating tools to support other developers.

What's next?

Today, Spicy Yoghurt is a multimedia studio that develops games and other creative content and helps others in doing so. For the future, you can expect more mobile games, small prototypes and tutorials on every aspect of creating games. All fresh and exciting!